Estimated Harvest Schedule 
asparagus​  cilantro​   beet greens  bok choy
lettuce mix         swiss chard​   strawberries
  herbs   spinach      shelling peas
rhubarb   flowers   table onions       snap peas
broccoli   basil     cherry tomatoes
radishes   apples​     herbs           beets     lettuce  green beans apples 
cantaloupe       cabbage     egg plant   summer squash
onions      tomatoes     cucumbers    new potatoes
  zucchini      carrots      watermelons
kohlrabi    peppers       sweet corn​       flowers

lettuce     spinach     basil           apples​     grapes
radishes   zucchini      pie pumpkins       cucumbers
rutabagas         pears         cherry tomatoes    onions
broccoli    carrot    tomatoes     
raspberries       potatoes     peppers       flowers
hot peppers       beets      green beans
kohlrabi    cabbage     winter squash    brussel sprouts
kale   popcorn      asian greens

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Members receive anywhere from 6 to 12 different vegetables each week. Shares start out light and increase in size and variety as the season progresses. Weather is a factor, but we use years of experience to help ensure a bountiful harvest.

                     Thorn Crest Farm   11822 Cabot Ave.   Dundas, Mn 55019   
For ideas on preserving the harvest go to: