Farm membership includes:
   Shares of fresh produce, picked up at the farm  or a drop site once a week for 18 weeks (up to 22 if season allows), starting out light increasing to anywhere from 1/2 to 1 bushel, depending on the season and growing conditions
. Pick-your-own opportunities on certain crops when the season allows.           
Cut-your- own flower garden available when in season- take time to cut your own bouquet!    
.  Volunteer opportunities. As a member, you are invited (but not required) to come out and get a little dirt under your nails.  Helping pick, wash vegetables, or do other tasks, is a great way to get involved and learn what goes on at the farm!

 . When visiting the farm you are welcome to take time to stroll around the countryside and get to know the fields your food is grown on
 .  Newsletters/emails to keep you informed on what's going on at the farm

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          Thorn Crest Farm   11822 Cabot Ave.  Dundas, Mn 55019   
  Opportunity to purchase a limited number of first come, first serve, egg, chicken and turkey shares